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Omnitracs Roadnet Routing

Route Planning Software for Delivery Success

Distributors face multiple challenges every day — high volumes of customer orders to organize, rising fuel costs, drivers and vehicles to manage, changing road and traffic conditions, and tight time windows. All of these scenarios combine to represent an overwhelming situation. To remain profitable, it is necessary to find a balance between route efficiency and customer service. Omnitracs Roadnet®, a tactical daily routing tool, allows you to do just this. Optimize routes and balance profitability with customer requirements. Using advanced industry algorithms and custom routing passes, fleets can create multiple intelligent route plans faster, maximizing the investment in your fleet..

Reduce Distribution Costs & Fleet Miles

 Daily routes are created using powerful algorithms and street-level routing in conjunction with the fleet’s business constraints.

Increase Resource Utilization

 Make better use of existing resources by delivering more and driving less. The answer to increasing volume is not always to put more vehicles on the road, but to make smart, efficient deliveries.

Sound Business Decisions

 Understand how delivery costs affect the profitability of each customer by knowing the actual cost per stop.

Set Driver Standards

 Creating route plans and gathering actual information allows fleets to set performance standards and expectations, which can result in less overtime and better driver performance.

Decrease Routing Time

 Enable routers to spend less time configuring routes and more time assessing “what if” scenarios to produce better, more efficient routes..

Contingency Planning

 Prepare for holiday or seasonal spikes and other “what if” scenarios..


 Driver manifests, maps, directions, resource utilization, customer delivery cost, actual versus projected by route and by stop, planned route summaries, and many more reports help fleets consistently evaluate success..