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Safety and Security

Save lives, money, and reputation.

 One of the major concerns facing the transportation industry today is fleet safety. According to the FMCSA, driving behavior is the main contributor to accidents. Without safe drivers and driving behaviors, lives and money can be lost. Costs of unsafe driving behaviors add up quickly due to increased accidents, higher insurance premiums, and fines for non-compliance.


The numbers are staggering. The average cost of an injury resulting from an accident involving a medium/heavy truck is $330,000. That cost can skyrocket to $3 million if there is a fatality. Omnitracs’ commercial truck driver safety applications are designed to keep your vehicles, drivers, cargo, and reputation safe.

Key Safety Issues

 At Omnitracs, we realize that simply collecting data is not enough. Knowing what this data means and how to use it effectively is critical to ensuring your commercial truck drivers' safety and protecting your vehicles.


Innovative fleet safety tracking software and applications provide insights that make it easy to understand the steps that must be taken for complete protection. Critical Event Reporting (CER) and Black Box Event Recording, for example, help reduce the number of safety-related incidents by enabling fleets to identify, analyze, and correct unsafe driving behaviors.

Critical Event reporting (CER)

For best-in-the-industry, proven safety solutions, carriers rely on Omnitracs to help manage fleet driver safety behaviors and prevent accidents. The CER application monitors vehicles for significant safety-related occurrences and provides immediate notification of critical events to help monitor driver behavior and improve fleet operations.


In addition to providing the data behind why an event occurred, Omnitracs CER proactively identifies unsafe driving behaviors to help prevent accidents before they happen.

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Black Box Event Recorder

Fleet managers and drivers must fully understand the status and location of a truck after a critical event, such as sudden deceleration or hard braking. Black Box Event Recording provides full insight into critical events so that safety managers can use the information collected to offer tailored fleet driver safety programs, or as incident-specific evidence that sheds light on what actually happened during critical events.

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