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Targipsum Synchro TM

Targipsum-Synchro is a software that ensure communication between Roadnet Transportation Suite and customer's ERP or any other in-house customers, orders, warehouse, or equipment management system.

It is an ease-of-use graphical user interface (GUI) that offers : :

• Allows to import orders to deliver into Roadnet Routing software, with all the attributes such as quantities, desired dates and times of delivery, additional instructions and more.

• Allows to import customer lists into Roadnet Routing software, with their addresses, contacts, required equipments, additional restrictions and more..

• Allows to import item lists (SKUs) into Roadnet Routing software, with package types, brands, quantities and more.

• Allows referral of all those imports toward the corresponding region, zone, associated equipments, designated drivers and more.

• Allows to export planned routes from Roadnet Routing software, with departure time and estimated time of arrival and more to in-house systems.

• Allows to export delivery results from Roadnet Routing software, with actual departure time and time of arrival, actual service time, associated forms and surveys and more to in-house systems.

• Allows customizations to include or exclude informations and datas based on customers' needs..

In sum, Targipsum-Synchro allows Roadnet Transportation Suite to interface with customer's existing management softwares to automatize communications and offer a turnkey solution that requires minimal action from the user.

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