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Technical Services

 Fleets constantly manage a wide variety of issues, from running trucks efficiently to navigating fleet management integrations of new systems, all while balancing the need for data retrieval and reporting. With our Technical Services, Omnitracs’ main goal is to save fleets time and money by improving efficiency in all of these areas. 


At Targipsum, our team of software development engineers has years of experience in the transportation industry, as well as complete working knowledge of the fleet vehicle software you use. These experts are at your disposal to simplify the integration of your truck fleet management services and products.


Targipsum offers technical modules for a multitute of platforms such as:

Workflow Integration

 Helps with design and creation of mobile workflow templates and back-end integration to fleet dispatch systems so information can be sent in a timely manner. We'll provide assessment, integration and custom development to increase your productivity and help you grow as a business.

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Hours of Service integration

 Provides the ability to instantly retrieve certain data points from the HOS system to populate the back-end host system, thus eliminating the need to log information manually. Plus, our fleet vehicle software matches drivers with load assignments, so you can meet customer services requirements more quickly and effectively.

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Navigation Integration

 Increases driver productivity and efficiency with installation of navigation interface programs, and supports configuration of the system to transmit and dispatch optimized routes for quicker adaption of the navigation solution. In addition to syncing your fleet systems, our fleet management integration team also provides training and predictive modeling services so you can successfully grow and differentiate your fleet.

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Trailer tracking information Alert Integration

 Manages risk and ensures cargo safety by detecting the opening and closing of doors as well as the presence and absence of cargo. Fleets face over $10 billion in stolen or damaged cargo each year, but you can protect your assets with our trailer tracking software.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

 Collects data and sends alerts regarding low tire pressure events and trailer tire airing events, preventing accidents before they happen, and reducing repair costs.


Exact Fuel Integration

 Reduces fuel theft and helps fleets more accurately report on fuel consumption. Fleet management integration of relevant data into back-end systems allows for greater efficiency in security and operations. With enhanced fuel visibility, you can better manage fuel discrepancies and reduce your associated expenses.

Omnitracs Critical Event reporting

 Collects data and sends real-time alerts regarding critical driving events, including hard braking, roll stability, and lane departure. This fleet vehicle software will allow you to prevent accidents from occuring by identifying and correcting unsafe driving practices. Plus, our fleet vehicle maintenance software will help you identify and repair faults before a critical event.