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Training Services

Get the inside track with professional product training.

 Once the decision is made to invest in the industry’s premier fleet software solutions and technology, fleets must ensure that every employee knows how to use these new, powerful tools.


Targipsum offers on-site, online, and custom fleet management training options to support all products within the Omnitracs family. We'll show you how to make the most of our fleet management software features and products.


We also offer flexible training methods to suit your needs. Having our fleet training providers work with employees on-site or on-demand via webinars allows your team to stay efficient by receiving training exactly when and where it's needed. Available training options include:

Classroom Training
Omnitracs Roadnet University, in united States
and at Targipsum Offices, in Québec province

 Get your operations team ready to use Roadnet and Territory Planner at high capacity with our top-rated training classes. Led by our seasoned instructors, these workshops are developed to help new users become familiar with all aspects of key products and offer more advanced training for those already using it.

Virtual training

 Virtual training is an educational service that allows your fleet to customize its own a la carte training package with any combination of Targipsum’ comprehensive suite of recorded fleet management webinars. Fleets also have the option to select a predefined webinar package containing training designed to optimize the use of core, premium, performance, and compliance programs..

Custom Training

 To maximize the benefit of application training, fleets can partner with Omnitracs instructional developers to customize training materials. This ensures that all instruction aligns with your specific product or service implementation and business processes..

On-site training

 With on-site training, Targipsum expert trainers deliver live classroom instruction, as well as hands-on installation and configuration for both hardware and software. This training can be conducted as part of new product deployment or as a refresher course for any of Omnitracs’ products or Targipsum' services.

Interested in our Fleet Management Training? Contact Us.

 Getting the right training is essential to truly taking advantage of Omnitracs' fleet management technologies. Our fleet training providers can teach your team to leverage these powerful tools to enhance performance and efficiency.


To learn more about our training options, contact us online or call (450) 618-1655.