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Transportation Logistics

Robust Vehicle Route Planning Software for Improved Customer Satisfaction.

 Your customers count on you to be there when they need you, requiring a careful balance of technology and know-how. Today, it’s no easy feat to accomplish this without hitting a snag as the process involves so many different functions within an organization — starting with order taking and ending with on-time delivery. Changing customer needs, time sensitivity, capacity restraints, driver preferences, as well as historical and real-time data flows such as traffic and navigation — all contribute to the complexity of executing the perfect delivery.


The ultimate fleet route planning software solution balances all of the business constraints around workers, orders, vehicles, andcompliance to create the most efficient routes possible. These routes are then monitored via real-time execution in order to understand how the day is unfolding.

Optimized Routes with the Future in Mind

Strategic territory and route optimization solutions allow you to balance overall workload while decreasing costs and adhering to business constraints. Create the optimal sales and delivery territories using our route planning software's powerful algorithms that encompass customer needs and available resources while considering geographic areas, capacity, and more.


Be prepared for future bumps in the road by pre-planning territories and routes for any number of contingencies — from potential resource crises, to seasonal volume hikes, to sudden long-term traffic issues.

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Balancing Costs with Customer Satisfaction through Smart Daily Routing

Routing your vehicles without sacrificing savings or customer service ispossible. The right vehicle route planning software enables you to create economical routes based upon available resources, distance, costs, and capacity. This ensures daily orders reach the customer in the most efficient manner.

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Dispatching & Proof of Delivery

 Monitoring route execution with up-to-the-minute information is critical to providing exceptional customer service. And when your trucks are out in the field, you need to ensure safety and economy are top of mind. Our fleet route planning software captures crucial delivery confirmation information in real-time to ensure any scenario is met with prompt and efficient attention.

Stronger Loading, Stronger Efficiency

Getting vehicles loaded and on their way involves tight time restraints and careful attention to detail. With daily load building, you can effectively match loads, routes and trucks for maximum efficiency in the warehouse.

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Safer, Happier Drivers Use In-Cab Navigation

Navigation solutions tied into truck routing make a seamless relationship for the driver running delivery routes. Drivers are safer and more efficient on the road, delighting customers when they arrive at stops on time and stress free.


Get customized, accurate maps, voice recorded turn by turn directions, and over-the-air updates with this complete vehicle route planning software solution. Route feedback through our drivers' community provides additional value..

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